What To Do, See and Eat in Singapore

The Futuristic City of Singapore Within Singapore
Posted on Aug 21, 2017 In Singapore

What is Singapore – The history

Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles arrived to the tiny sea town of Singapore in 1819, on a mission to secure a strategic base for the British Empire. He transformed the island into a free-trade port, and the layout of central Singapore is still today as Raffles drew it. Singapore became independent from Malaysia in 2011, and they now have one of the worlds highest growing economies.

Today Singapore is a pleasure to visit. Everything is so thought through. It is a very easy and safe city to travel in – it’s clean, convenient and very futuristic. A well developed city, were they speak english as their first language. But at the same time its also a quite expensive city to travel in, at least compared to the rest of south east asia and all of the sudden full of rules and regulations compared!

Recommended length of stay

If you like us are travelling on a budget, a couple of days should be enough to explore most of the city.

If you have extra time and money, there is the Sentosa Island, which is famous for their casinos and much more. It can be difficult to find cheap accommodation though. We booked in advance the cheapest hostel room we could find online, but it seemed like it may be easier to find cheap accommodation after arrival, if you want to spent the time looking around and dont have high standards.

How to get around

Buy a Tourist Pass when you arrive.

It includes unlimited transport in all public busses, metros and trains, and can take you everywhere in Singapore. It makes it very easy and convenient, and can be found at the airport or the bus terminals. The price is 10S§ for one person in one day, 16S§ for two days and 20 S§ for three days.

Where to eat

Singapore is home to the two cheapest Michelin restaurants in the world.

They are both hawker stalls, whom was given one of the well respected michelin stars each in 2016. The first one called Hawker Chan, is now turned into a proper restaurant with table, chairs and number system. The food is still cheap and really worth trying! The second one named Tai Hwa Pork Noodle and is still in function as a hawker stall serving chinese pork style noodle soup. Both are not vegetarian friendly. Find the hawker stalls on our map!

What to see

Here is what we chose to see based on a low budget and limited time of one or two days.

Singapore Botanic Garden – The 150 year old Botanical Garden in Singapore is now a Unesco Heritage site. There is free entrance and it is a beautiful spot to rest and revive.

Gardens by the bay – Singapores harbour front is just mindblowing and so futuristic, with it’s  environmental super trees that clean the city. Go at nighttime to see the beautiful lights.

Chinatown, Little India, Arab street – You can jump from one part of the world to another in just 5 minutes with the subway and your tourpass, and see the different cultures in this very multicultural city.

Merlion park – Where the famous panorama view of the city is to be found. A must see in singapore to take your selfie!

Colonial district – The old architectural district, where you can see the old majestic buildings and learn about the history of Singapore and Mr Raffles. 


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Written by Mikkel & Cecilie