Kuala Lumpur - Welcome To The Future!

The Space Age City Of Malaysia
Posted on Jun 27, 2017 In Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur. A huge, busy, ’space age’ city where everything is possible. It’s a place where you can eat every type of food you can imagine, for every budget you wish. You can get accommodation in every price range and you can shop for everything you need, or didn’t knew you needed, from used socks to shiny diamonds. You will find attractions such as some of the worlds tallest towers, big romantic parks, temples from every culture and shopping until your wallet screams stop. The city is very multicultural, it’s a mix of whole asia in one big pot - Malays, Chinese and Indians live together side by side. Though the people of KL have very different cultural backgrounds, you’ll still see how they respect eachother beautifully, which we could learn a thing or two from back in the west. KL is very easy to get around and we don’t understand why people often are skipping this city as a destination to see.


Where to stay / recommended length of stay

We we’re lucky to find a very good deal on AirBnB, where we got a private apartment on 33th floor in the heart of KL. There is a lot of apartments on AirBnB, some even with an infinity pool and private gym included. It is possible to live in luxury for a decent price in KL, if that is what you’re looking for. It is also very popular with homestays in Malaysia in general. Many families have an extra house which they rent out to tourists and locals. It is mostly a little house outside the city, but you’ll get a whole house for yourself and the opportunity to cook your own meals, and try to live like a real Malay family.

If you’re only up for a superficial sightseeing, a few days to see the most important things in KL should be enough. - But we will recommend to stay a week, if you want to try all the different foods and really get into the city life of Kuala Lumpur.


What to eat / where to eat

Malaysia in general has a huge diversity when it comes to food. You can eat food and snacks from everywhere in the world for cheap prices. Especially on the nightmarkets, which is to be found almost every night. We can highly recommend to visit a nightmarket on empty stomach, and go on a journey through the food stalls. You can find everything from kebabs to small eggs on a stick, dumplings, soups, every kind of deepfried fruit, vegetables and more, to a big variaty of sweet cakes, fruit juices and coconut shakes.

Malaysia is also known for their food courts, where you sit in the middle of many different food stalls and then everyone can choose from the stall they want. Smart and convenient.


How to get around

The city is very convenient to get around in. KL has a big net of trains, metros and busses. You can even travel around the city center for free, with their GoKL city center bus as much as you like! There is five different lines that is all connected, and they stop at all turist attractions, so you can easily just hop on and off. You can also drive with apps like Uber and Grab which is very big in KL and very cheap.

Gokl website: www.gokl.com.my


What to see

The Lake Garden Park is a huge inner-city park and a good place to escape the busy city center every once in a while. There’s many places to sit down and relax and enjoy the view, or go for a nice walk. You can also rent a boat and sail on the lake for RM6 per hour and be lucky to watch locals practice Tai Chi in the early morning.

The Petronas Towers is one of KL landmarks and formerly the world’s tallest skyscrapers. Two identical twin towers, with a beautiful architecture. They are situated next to the KLCC (Kuala Lumpur City Center) - A big fancy mall. Behind the mall you’ll find a beautiful park area with a big and complex water fountain, where families are relaxing and many locals are jogging around. It is of course free to enjoy the view of the towers from the park, but you can also pay a fee of RM10 to enter the towers, and see the view of the city from the skybridge at 41st-floor. Or go all the way to 88th-floor for ekstra RM40.

The other landmark of KL is the Menara KL tower, with its 276m-high viewing deck. The price for getting up there is RM38.

- We chose not to go up in any of the towers, and pay the fee for the view. For us it was a good experience just the enjoy the enormeous towers from street level.

Another must see is the Merdeka square, which means the Independence square and was here Malaysias independence was proclaimed in 1957. It is situated in the city center close to china town and is almost impossible to miss on your trip around the city.

Next to the Merdeka square is the Textile museum. There is free entrance and a good escape from the burning sun outside, and meanwhile you learn a lot from the Malay history.

There is also the National museum, that can be visited for only RM2 and there is free guided tours in English.

We did also visit the Planetarium in the Lake Garden Park. A fun experience and free entrance.

Because Malaysia is a muslim country, there is then also many Mosques to be found. The biggest mosque is Masjid Negara - The National Mosque and is situated in KL. But watch out for opening hours in general when visiting mosques!

The Old train station is one of the Heritage Sites right next to Masjid Negara mosque. A beautiful old building.

You can find China Towns in many cities around the world, but it is always a good and fun experience. Good food, cheap shopping and many funny things to look at and take pictures of.

Little India. You get the real feeling of India, with all the sari shops, Indian music in the speakers and the smell of spices and incense sticks. Many indian restaurants and a night market every saturday.

Last but not least KL is filled with shopping malls, mega malls, medium malls and huge malls. So if you like shopping, it should not be difficult to find a mall that fits you. Low Yat Plaza is just one of them and is the center for electronics where you can find everything from camera equipment and laptops to cheap selfiesticks and memory cards.


This is just some of the things you can see in the city of Kuala Lumpur. We chose some of the things we enjoyed the most and that we will recommend to see on a short trip to this futuristic space city.


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Written by Mikkel & Cecilie