First meeting with Sri lanka

Our first thoughts
Posted on Feb 19, 2017 In Sri Lanka

Coming from Africa to Asia is like entering a totaly different world. Sri Lanka is in many ways the opposite of South Africa. The scenery, the culture, and the people, the way everything works and the everyday life is just so different.

Chaos, random incidences and a lot of friendliness is what we experience from the beginning. If you give the locals a smile, they will give you a double as big a smile back. Poverty also exists here, but not that rough as what we saw it in our former travels of South Africa. 

The people of Sri Lanka stick together and trust eachother. The local train is often filled to the edge, with open doors and people standing closer than possible. You have to trust eachother in these situations, that the man next to you won’t pickpocket you or push you out of the train. -and you do really feel that you can trust them and that they trust eachother. Everybody is nice to eachother and you’ll never see people fighting. To blindly trust eachother is not a thing that will be possible in for example a country like South Africa or Denmark even.

Sri Lankan men, with respect for themselves, wear a nice clean shirt and are nicely shaved everyday. It is important for them to look proper and act well behaved. The people are very sweet and smiling and allways ready to help you getting on the right train or finding your favourite chocolate milk you’ve been looking for all day. -Here we’re talking about the local and naturally made Highlands chocolate milk. Damn it’s good and difficult to find outside of Colombo.

Sri Lankan people is in general very helpful. Hassle is, as what we experience, very low here and they really do accept a no as an answer, if you dont need help or feel like talking. And for all, we haven’t tried yet that anybody took their hand out and asked for money, after having helped us with something. -Only a thank you and a smile is what they want.

You dont feel that they are fed up with tourism like in many other places around the world. They love to show you their beloved country and make sure that you feel okay here. You will often be asked to see their homes, meet their wife and family or even having a lovely rice and curry with them all together.

Around 70 percent of the Sri Lankan residents is buddhist, and one of the most important things in buddhism is that you have to be good to other beings. Maybe this is one of the answers to why the people is so calm and trustful.

It feels like a little smiling paradise on earth. <3


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Written by Mikkel & Cecilie