Lesotho - The Kingdom In The Sky

The Highest Country In The World
Posted on Jan 18, 2017 In Lesotho

We drove into Lesotho trough the famous and dangerous Sani Pass. Sani Pass is a very steep climb, which starts at 1544 meters and ends at 2876 meters, and is only recommended with a 4x4 vehicle. We only had a rear-wheeled 2x4 vehicle with a differential lock, so we decided to do the climb if the weather was in superb condition, that means no rain and a total clear sky. Luckily for us the weather was perfect on the day, so we decided to do the climb though we knew this was gonna be a hard one. The Sani Pass road was very beautiful, like climbing into the skies, surrounded by an ancient mountain range called Drakensberg which departs Lesotho from South Africa. Lesotho is an enclave and the highest country in the world, with its lowest point at 1400 meters and highest point at around 3400 meters. This is why Lesotho is called ”The Kingdom In The Sky”.

When we arrived at the top, a dancing border patrol welcomed us, you could already feel that we arrived to a very different country. Lesotho is normally very cold the most of the year. We where lucky to have around 13-14 degrees at night. The residents of Lesotho, normally walks around in big warm blankets and baklavas to withstand the bitter cold. Lesotho isn’t very developed, and you’ll get a feeling of being back 1000’s of years. The only thing that reminds you of our developed world, is the abandoned bulldozers and containers from when the chinese came and built big highways trough Lesotho. You could normally only drive in Lesotho with 4x4, but not anymore. Some say it makes the country more easy to develop, others say it destroys the countrys roots.

 We stayed in Lesotho for only one night, on a small camp site. We slept in the car and borrowed an extra blanket, so we wouldn’t freeze the whole night. The day after we drove to an old cave called Liphofung cave with over 5000 years old rock paintings on the walls. They say the old king have lived in this cave. We then drove onto the Caledon border post to get out of Lesotho. This was a much more developed border post than the Sani Pass border. We said goodbye to Lesotho and drove further on into South Africa again.

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Written by Mikkel & Cecilie