How To Set Up Your Bakkie

Feel local, live local
Posted on Dec 24, 2016 In South Africa

Having a car in South Africa is definetly the best way to travel here. So we thought, why not also sleep inside the car and experience the nature and our roadtrip that way? So we decided to rent a bakkie and fit it for camping inside the back of the car, overlander style.


So why do it this way? 

- We ended up saving a lot of money this way, because we could choose campsites and restcamps instead of dorms and hostels which often had the risk of being fully booked.

- The flexibility on your travel will be much higher too.

- When you arrive at your destination, no preparation is needed. Just go into your car and sleep.

- Camping in general in South Africa is very popular and you don’t need to book for the night.

- The freedom, wow!


Here’s a little guide to let you do the same down here!

1. Rent a single cab bakkie with a canopy fitted - we rented on a monthly basis, 8000rand per month

2. We bought the following:

- 150 x 200 foam matress - we bought a 20cm thick matress in a local furniture shop

1. Cut the matress to fit within the wheelbase

- 150 x 200 stretch sheet

- Black plastic bags and wall glue - Important! For privacy and security reasons

1. Cut the plastic bags to fit the windows

2. Put glue on the windows and then put the plastic bags up.

- Hard box cooler - Buy ice on the road to keep food, beers or whatever cold

- Braai - To braai on top of a bonfire

- A thick warm blanket - This wasnt enough in some areas, it can be really cold at night!

Remember when you rent the car to get a permission to cross the borders, if you want to visit other countries. Tell them which countries you are going to and you’ll get permission for free.


Prices for the following:

- Hardbox cooler: 100rand

- Foam matress: 400rand

- Stretch sheet: 100rand

- The plastic bags, the wall glue, the blanket and the braai was all donated by our good friends in Cape Town! Thanks buddies J 


Extra things we would love to have too was the following:

- Cigarplug charger for phones

- A hard box for food that doesnt need cooling

- An inverter for our laptop

- An even warmer blanket or sleeping bags!


So get crackin’ and do South Africa the bakkie way.



Written by Mikkel & Cecilie