We are online!

Posted on Nov 6, 2016 In South Africa

Welcome everyone to our blog. We’re finally online after a lot of hours of coding in South africa. We’re doing great in Joburg as they call Johannesburg down here. We’re already working on articles to show you the life we are living right now and we’re very excited to show it to all of you.

 The life in South africa has until now been very sweet and we are already so surprised about what this country has showed us. Right now we’re seeing forward for a great 7 day adventure in the bush, the nationalpark of Krüger. Our internet connection will be limited there so be patient for the next update. we will still try our best to update our position at the map and do some breaking news updates.

 We are looking forward to show you our travels in the coming years and we are so happy that our blog is finally up and going, so give us a comment and dont forget, travel with us!

 Cille and Mikkel.

Written by Mikkel & Cecilie