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We are Mikkel and Cecilie, a couple from Denmark. We have been together for almost 9 years. We are both born and raised in our beloved hometown of Odense, we couldn’t imagine a better place growing up.
The last couple of years we’ve been living in a place called "kolonihave", best known as garden plots, where you can build a small house with a good size garden. We’ve build and renovated our house ourselves, its a little small but it’s all we need. We like to keep our place sustainable by collecting rainwater for use and we grow our own vegetables. It’s a very inexpensive way of living which has enabled us to live our biggest dream, by going on this great adventure throughout the world.
We both love to explore the nature, everything from diving the oceans to riding through the desert on camelback. Our mindset for this trip is not to find tourism but to find local areas far away from where you would normally stay, and to share these places with everyone.

My name is Cecilie, better known as Cille among friends and family.
I’m 26 years old and educated in child care. I have experience in working in kindergardens, schools and special schools. I love spending time and taking care of children and im very interested in their growth. I think it’s very interesting to try to understand how the upbringing of children is different around the world.
In general i love spending time in my garden, growing vegetables or just drinking coffee and chat with friends.
My qualities is very different than Mikkels, and i am aware of that is why we work good together as a couple.

My name is Mikkel and i’m 27 years old. My friends say i’m a very enthusiastic person and can go a bit crazy over new stuff. I’m educated in Computer Science and with this education and my great job i have been able to make this blog from scratch. I like fixing and building things, especially with my dad which allows us to spend good quality time together.
In my sparetime at home i do a lot of competitive sailing and love the sea. I also love to drive my offroad bike, which is an old Yamaha XT 350, and have driven through Sweden and Norway with friends.
I love my friends and family with all my heart, they’ve been a very big part of my life, and it’s been very hard to say goodbye to all these good people.
However for me this trip is about being more of an independent person and finding my true self in nature and the people we meet along the way.